Business Units

Eskay Nurseries

Eskay Nurseries is a business unit under Eskay farm ltd.It is certified by KEPHIS and AFFA/HCD has the producer of seedlings namely:-
-Tissue Culture Bananas (8 varieties)
-Grafted Mangoes
-Grafted Avocadoes
-Grafted Macadamia
-Grafted Passion
It has also been licensed by Coffee Directorate to produce coffee seedlings. The nursery has a customer base spanning 9 counties and NGO world.

A shed net at Eskay Nurseries

Horticulture Farm

The horticulture division produces mainly fruits and vegetable for the local market. Currently we supply major towns that include Nairobi, Mombasa and Eldoret.The unit has also embraced contract farming where it produces Fine Beans and coloured capsicum for export.

Poultry & Hatchery Division

This division embraces the breeding of indigenous chicken in free range environment which is ideal for both egg and meat production. Current products for sale include:-Day old chicks, roasters for meat, fertilized eggs and eggs for consumption.

Dairy Farming

The original stocks of high yielding dairy cows were bought from Nightingale farm in Njoro and Baraton University. This Unit is known for supply of raw milk and heifers for breeding and is in the process of adding value to its raw milk.

Maize & Wheat Farming

Due to unreliable rain pattern the shareholders have instituted a deliberate strategy to migrate rain fed agriculture to drip irrigation..In view of this the acreage maize and wheat is steadily declining.